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Missionaries of the Precious Blood proclaim the Word of God, serving the church through ministries in urban & rural parishes, the inner city, healthcare, education, and advocacy. Our members are teachers, pastors, missionaries, retreat leaders, health care chaplains, and justice & peace advocates.

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by Fr. Joe Nassal, C.PP.S.
CrucifixBarbara Johnson said, “We’re Easter people living in a Good Friday world.” Reflecting on this reality which seems even more true this year than most, Annie Lamott writes, “I don’t have the right personality for Good Friday: I’d like to skip ahead to the resurrection. In fact, I’d like to skip ahead to the resurrection vision of one of our kids in our Sunday school who drew a picture of the Easter Bunny outside the tomb: everlasting life and a basket full of chocolates. Now you’re talking!”
Most of us would probably hurdle the cross and jump right to the empty tomb. But without dying, there would be no point in rising. Without darkness, … (read more…)

Fr. Alan Hartway’s Adult Catechesis Series

This week we have a format change. Each reading is on a separate page, so that group leaders may print all of the packet or only the readings that they will focus on during the catechesis session. There is also room to write responses following all of the discussion questions.

Catechesis Document

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