Dear Friends,

In his 10th Circular Letter in 1836, the year before he died, St. Gaspar encouraged his companions to be mystic missionaries: “A missionary must be a mystic in his room and a vigorous laborer in the field. Let him unite the interior life with the exterior and live in harmony with God. In other words, the interior life is the basis upon which the exterior life is built.”

Most of us think of mysticism as something beyond us, something reserved for those who are so attuned to God’s voice that we can never achieve such heights of holiness amid the clamor of a world so often tottering on the brink of chaos. But being a mystic is about making connections. A mystic believes in the connectedness of all life, both seen and unseen. The call of the mystic is to recognize the presence of God in our everyday life. A mystic is someone who traces these threads that bind us … (read more…)

worship aidNovember 2, 4:00 PM

Precious Blood Center
Liberty, MO

Please join us for a prayer service as we gather to celebrate the sacred bonds of relationship that transcend time and space and stretch to that place where all are one in the Risen Christ. We will remember especially those in our Precious Blood family who have died this past year, but we will hold in our hearts all those whose names are written in the Book of Life and in our hearts. If you’d like, please bring a picture of your loved one for use during the service. Join us following the prayer service for a simple meal shared at the Precious Blood Center. If you cannot attend, please send the names of those you want us to remember … (read more…)


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Missionaries of the Precious Blood proclaim the Word of God, serving the church through ministries in urban & rural parishes, the inner city, healthcare, education, and advocacy. Our members are teachers, pastors, missionaries, retreat leaders, health care chaplains, and justice & peace advocates.

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